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I collected the top 1,000 'Show HN' posts, then got every top-level comment from each. I then ran each comment's text through a sentiment analysis, leaving close to 4,000 negative comments. The most negative ones are shown below. I edited out some false positives. You can view the raw JSON for the thousands of negative comments (includes false positives).

Feel free to leave a negative comment about this site. I'd almost welcome it.

Another fucking application that doesn't specify that it's only for osx. Fucking apple users man. What about Windows & Linux? Can I get this for those? I don't know... because it doesn't fucking say. What... what are those? you ask? They're operating systems you don't need a fucking $1000 piece of hardware to run. Fucking apple users man. Ok... I know, I know - swearing bad. But I'm a little sick of having to infer the most important piece of information about software by looking at the fucking screenshots.
-21 sentiment, jonathantm 4 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Ghostnote – Contextual notes and todo app"
I created an account, which is apparently more than half the people commenting here were willing to do (most people apparently took one look at your landing page, didn't understand the product, and closed the tab). 1. The first page after logging in says "To get started, type something in the Edit Box above and hit ENTER when you are done. Everything you create here will be visible to you and I because we are the only members of this loop." The last point on the page says "If you have any questions or feedback, just add a note in the Edit Box above and I'll make sure I forward it to the right people!" Which is it? Private testing ground or feedback form? This isn't a good start, confusing and contradicting your new users. 2. The default/showcase loops are annoying. I don't want my account to be cluttered with tutorial content. An intuitive interface and clean documentation should be enough. Worse, you cannot delete these default loops. I spent 10 minutes simply trying to remove the tutorial content without receiving "not found" or "permission denied" errors. Turns out you can only remove the shortcuts from the menu, not the loops themselves. I imagine this is because you implemented these as a single loop shared across all accounts rather than importing a copy of these loops per new account. Bad implementation - why are you presenting me with the functionality to delete the loop only to prevent me from doing so? I would not clutter every new account with tutorial content. A new account should be perfectly clean so I can start using it, rather than wasting time trying to determine what are core pages vs. tutorial content. Also cannot remove the annoying "Loopy" page. 3. The transitions and animations are not cool. They are very distracting and slow down the use of the application by several factors. You said this project started a long time ago, and the way the UI tries to be fancy in my face seems to confirm this. An animation on every single mouse click is not acceptable since 2010+. 4. The hassle of just trying to kill the tutorial content imported to my new account, coupled with the in-my-face transition animations wasted the full amount of time I invest in trying out a new web app. The initial process frustrated me and chased me away from checking out the real product. Sorry, I spent 15 minutes reading the landing page and exploring the first steps after logging in and got nowhere. That is too much time spent trying to evaluate a product and not seeing any progress.
-17 sentiment, developer1 4 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Slack Meets GitHub Issues"
Looks like a cool project, but I can't scroll very far down the site before my browser crashes. I've reproduced this several times, here's the terminal output if it helps: $ conkeror ...... JavaScript strict warning:, line 603: SyntaxError: test for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (=)? fault....
-16 sentiment, chriswarbo 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Carbide – A New Programming Environment"
Never, ever, ever reply to replies. It's a no-win. Your reply, no matter how eloquently written, no matter how correct, can not change anyone's opinions. At best, you spend a lot of time writing an essay in reply to comments which will be ignored. At worst, the community decides you are wrong and pummels your opinion into the ground, damaging your reputation or worse. So replies have at best, near zero or worse, negative value. Top-level comments are okay, but they should be written well enough to stand on it's own, without further clarification. It's not worth the time, mental energy and stress to reply for the tiny value comment replies offer. If someone has a serious question, private forums (email, chat) are universally better. Comment chains lose all context and worse, stick around forever.
-16 sentiment, Afforess 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: HN Replies – Get notified of replies to your comments"
I used to have a Geocities containing weird bad poetry I wrote when I was a teenager. I forgot about it, until years later I stumbled upon it again. I was embarrassed. I asked Yahoo to delete it. But I'd forgotten the password, and I'd used fake personal details (wrong date of birth) to create the account, and I couldn't remember what the fake info was, so they refused to delete it because I couldn't verify that I was who I said I was. What do I do? I hit on a solution. I decided to DMCA myself. I sent Yahoo a DMCA takedown request for my old Geocities, and straight away it disappeared. Mission accomplished.
-16 sentiment, skissane a year ago in reply to "Show HN: My embarrassing personal website from the 90s"
As far as I'm concerned advertisers had their chance but they totally abused their chance turning the internet into an ad-laden hellhole and now I just block everything I possible can. If a site decides it doesn't like this then it's literally no use to me. They had their chance, they abused it beyond all possible tolerance. I hate advertising on the internet now so much that if anything does manage to get past my blocks I make a conscious attempt to avoid buying anything from the scumbag organisation that thinks forcing their crap on my is anyway acceptable.
-15 sentiment, jbb555 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: FuckFuckAdblock"
just filed an issue - but the error message is pretty obnoxious for a catch all- bound to the $(window) error event is a catch all error that blames me for not having enough data (56 public repos not enough?) This means that anyone who knows this url and decides to look me up will see a message accusing me of being a non-producer if anything goes wrong with the resume
-14 sentiment, beezee 7 years ago in reply to "Show HN: My Github rsum"
It doesn't support IE 9. Fail. I remember when it was fashionable for "enterprises" to make IE-only sites circa 2000. Now it's fashionable for "startups" to make sites that don't work with IE. It's every bit as short-sighted. If you use the right DOCTYPE, IE 9 complies with standards well. It's a decent web browser, and very fast for day-to-day browsing. The only thing wrong with it is I occasionally run into sites like this run by people who discriminate against IE users. I don't like Firefox for most browsing because it's got numerous problems that never get confronted. I don't like the browser from another web conglomerate because I don't want to share my usage data with a company that will ultimately use it to put me (and you!) out of business.
-14 sentiment, PaulHoule 7 years ago in reply to "Show HN: My weekend project using the Soundcloud API"
Anytime I see something that looks like Excel on the web, I cringe. Unless you are Microsoft or Google and you are putting spreadsheets on a website (SoW), you are almost certainly doing something wrong. --- Case 1: A co-worker (or yourself) previously wrote an excel-based app and now it's time to put it on the web for wider distribution. You implement the app with a custom gridview/spreadsheet. Error in Case 1: The UI was copied, but what is almost always needed is an input wizard with validations and workflow along with a reporting backend. --- Case 2: You have a database that you need to share in a human readable format. Error in Case 2: Implement export functionality instead, you will never be able to implement all the features of Excel, and at some point someone will need that feature. --- Case 3: You have a very small and well defined case that actually calls for SoW! Error in Case 3: Your very small SoW app will grow and grow and strangle you. --- Case 4: You want to challenge the stranglehold of Google Sheets and MS Office 365. Error in Case 4: There is no error here, only madness.
-13 sentiment, csours 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: React-data sheet, Excel-like spreadsheet component"
Meta: as a test, I tried looking for the street where I live. I never tried to visit my street before. As the Street view rendered the destination, I was nearly shocked: it happens that the moment the Google car was cruising the street there also was a funeral right there. With a poor dead guy in the coffin and a procession. Doesn't Google filter such things out? Not that I insist, but this is a really sad experience. I'd prefer this part of the street cut our from GSV completely. Recommending using Street view to friends from my neighborhood is going to be hard.
-12 sentiment, vitalique 6 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Instant Google Street View"
This is a real company man, holy crap!, spending your own time redesigning the your employers badge is really quite sad. Microsoft is known for hiring young gullible people and indoctrinating them with the idea that MS is a good company rather than the reason the software industry was held back for decades, using illegal tactics. If it could have killed open source it would have.
-12 sentiment, diestl 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: I redesigned the Microsoft employee badge"
ugh i loathe the day when people start doing this shit on their webpage. I remember when i thought <blink> was bad, ahh the grass isn't always greener is it :(
-12 sentiment, thedeuce 7 years ago in reply to "Show HN: BigVideo.js"
Isomorphic frameworks are a bad idea. I'm convinced that any attempt at making a single general-purpose web application framework will fail. I've seen it happen too many times before. SocketStream, Derby, and even MeteorJS which had massive funding and marketing just couldn't do it. NextJS is just the next generation of fools who didn't research the market... Surely we can at least wait for NextJS to go belly up before launching yet another project that's going to waste several more lifetimes of human effort. There was nothing wrong with the implementation of the MeteorJS project by the way... The problem was the idea itself. All the marketing and funding it received only served to delay its inevitable demise.
-12 sentiment, jondubois a year ago in reply to "Show HN: Sapper.js – towards a better web app framework"
Doesn't work with Firefox. Damned kids and their damned monoculture. Make it work with my shit!
-12 sentiment, smallarmsdealer 6 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Tridiv - CSS 3D Editor"
I fucking hate you guys. We're both crying now. This game sucks.
-12 sentiment, faviouz 4 years ago in reply to "Show HN: App for Falling in Love"
too many programmers cant program and hurt their fee-fees so a company was made to accept fucking 300$ per ad. Anyone who cant whiteboard or pseudo is fucking retarded.
-11 sentiment, gayfakenews a year ago in reply to "Show HN: Whiteboardfree – Developer Jobs at Companies That Don't Whiteboard"
Pay pay pay pay pay pay pay. I have all of that and pay nothing. It builds up otherwise very rapidly. For example the company I work for currently churns out a mere $16k a year for JIRA now that the pay pay pay has caught up...
-11 sentiment, pling 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: A mostly complete 2014 "Tools of the Trade""
I am very disappointed with constexpr in C++14 and C++17. The work shown here is impressive, but the point is that it should not be. D has shown that variable initialization at compile time can be painless. The main limitations I find are: a) Lack of support in the standard library (e.g., you should code your own sort, vector class, etc.) b) Terrible Terrible Terrible compilation times. c) Lack of a dynamic memory allocation within constexpr. constexpr functions are not evaluated while parsing (e.g., the code is not compiled and then executed). My use case, which was to avoid a 1 second preprocessing time while loading a library, took more than 20 minutes to compile and used more than 60 GB of RAM (on GCC7, CLANG did not even manage to compile). Stuff like initializing a bitset can easily eat all your ram (e.g. this fails to compile): #include <bitset> int main() { std::bitset<102410241024> bs; } []
-11 sentiment, Mmrnmhrm 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Compile-time HTML parsing in C++14"
Can you kill the popups too? That stuff is annoying I can't believe web developers in 2017 are back to doing awful 1990s crap again.
-11 sentiment, revmoo 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Make Medium Readable Again"
The time for talking seems over. The days of toleration, of nodding along and trying to engage with the crazy uncle over thanksgiving dinner seem to have failed. It may be time for more direct action, for properly ostracizing such people. The racists and homophones aren't going to be invited to my family gatherings anymore. And when they ask I will make sure they understand why. Everyone thinks that such people can be negotiated with. I don't think they can until they understand exactly what they are doing. They don't know that they are racist, they now believe they are the normal people. They need to told exactly how dangerous we believe them to be.
-11 sentiment, sandworm101 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Mest – Place to talk with those you disagree with"
The bit with the checkbox then 2 radios is a bit confusing (chrome/android/nexus 5) - at the start there's no check in the checkbox, I tap and it checks, I tap to uncheck and it changes to a light grey check. That gives the impression this checkbox has 3 States and is really confusing. Worse, when I then tap, say a radio button, it goes back to unchecked. My guess is this is just a focus issue but it's definitely confusing as it is.
-11 sentiment, mcintyre1994 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Picnic.css, a lightweight Bootstrap alternative"
Ugh. Why is everyone excited about yet another online directory? Is it because it is tech conferences and people here are just jazzed by lists of dorky things they can do besides mow their lawns (sorry, for folks outside SF who actually have lawns), or do their regular maintenance on their car? This is not a problem that needs a solution. It's yet another developer (or wanna-be 'need a job in development' person) who needs a puff portfolio piece that shows he knows how to connect a few database fields with a front-end display - and mixed with search! Wow! (Well, it mostly works anyway). I have yet to see one of these ShowHN pieces be anything but the latter. They should split ShowHN into ShowHNFluffYouBuiltToGetAJob and ShowHNStuffThatSavesLives, because I'd only be interested in the second one. And of course, you have to have your submissions vetted by the guy who not only "promises" to always maintain this (I call), but who obnoxiously floats his Twit handle over the footer as you scroll... he either doesn't believe in crowd-sourcing genuinely or doesn't want to deal with a user-end database. Likely, he'll turn that "I don't charge to be listed" into "listings are only $99/year" pretty quickly. Whoever said this guy was solving a "simple and actual problem" is sadly misleading this poor fellow. It was not a problem. Conferences are not concerned that there are not enough listing sites out there. Conference attendees are aware of, in their respective circles, where to go and what to attend. It's not a simple problem. It's not a problem at all. What is a problem is the proliferation (i.e. clutter) of the internet of everyone and their sister building fluffy stuff with .co and .io domains. Can I just block all such domains from my browser? My internet would actually be better if I could. Sigh... the death of the Yahoo Directory was heading toward this all along, wasn't it?
-11 sentiment, LorenzoLlamas 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: I built a database of tech conferences to know what to attend to next"
I was thinking about why this website triggered my skeptic alarms and came up with a few things. 1. The web interface makes it hard to go back. The first thing I want to do when I see a surprising answer is reread the question. I understand this is likely just bad engineering, but it makes the whole site feel less trustworthy. 2. Some questions get summarized poorly. For example, the mindfulness question asks "What effect does mindfulness based stress reduction have on self-reported mental health (rates of anxiety, stress, and depression)?" but then summarizes the choices to "reduction rates of mental health issues." You can't drop a word like self-reported from a question, after all physically disabled people self-report being happier after their disability (e.g. []). Also in the "Drug Substitution Programs" question the text indicates that the research is based off of cases where "Addicts were given heroin or substitutes such as methadone or buprenorphine, based on their needs," however the choices are formed "Positive effect - Prescribing heroin to addicts reduces crime rates," [note that it dropped the or substitutes]. This feels like going for shock value. 3. At the end the website is selling very hard about some newsletter. Apparently the website seems to be focused around a career guide? If you truly have no axe to grind then present high-quality information and I'll naturally explore the site more. 4. If your objective is really to help raise awareness about how often media publicity for social interventions doesn't reflect efficacy as measured in journals then I would think at the end you would propose a plan of action , such as "When hearing about a social program, you can use google scholar to tap into research findings..."
-11 sentiment, alexandercrohde 4 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Guess which government programs work"
I really hate to be a naysayer, but this seems doomed to failure. For a start, people don't want to be challenged. I'd love to know how much of the bubbling is self imposed. E.g. Ignoring everything else until Google, etc, gets the hint. That and the fact that everyone seems to feel time poor. Sorting through what's valuable and what's not is a burden. I've tried handling the firehose new Hacker News, or even worse the RSS feeds for all the sites that typically posted. Doesn't last long. Having said that there was an interesting paper on using Machine Learning to summarise the other day. I wonder if that could help with the snippets problem.
-11 sentiment, vertis 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: 100M Books – Open a new tab, discover a new book"
You need way more data points. I would add crime statistics to this for example or probability of getting arrested and beaten by the local police, and the average cost of bribing officials/administrative workers. For example, Sofia is #5, but, having lived there for a few years, it is absolutely not the #5 best choice, by far. That said, it's not a bad choice, it works for Telerik after all.
-11 sentiment, optymizer 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: NomadList – The best cities to live and work remotely in"
The metric used to calculate market overvaluation is interesting but it has little value for predicting a stock market crash. Let's take he last 3 major US crashes: 1987: this crash was caused by automated trading systems which could run wild in the absence of any prevention regulations such as circuit breakers 2000: the collapse of the dotcom bubble 2008: start of the financial crisis caused mainly by opaque credit default swaps and packaged subprime loans Of those 3, only the dotcom bubble seems to be a bit related to the market overvaluation metric. And even right before the dotcom bubble crash there were plenty of economic guru's who argued that classic overvaluation metrics were not valid anymore because we were now in a 'new economy'. The other two crashes were caused by black swans; occurrences that nobody was aware of and that were only understood afterwards. Most likely the next crash will be a black swan as well.
-11 sentiment, misja111 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Is the stock market going to crash?"
The elephant in the room is that with the exception of Ethereum, all GPU-mined coins can relatively easily be "51%-attacked" by a small fraction of GPU miners. There are ~10 million GPUs mining cryptocurrencies in the world today. Because the majority of them mine Ethereum (5-10 million are needed to generate 250 TH/s), it means the other coins can easily be overpowered and attacked if a small fraction of GPU miners decided to do so. For example look at Monero: 400 MH/s of CryptoNightV7 hashrate means there are 400k-800k GPUs behind it, therefore only 4-8% of the pre-existing worldwide GPU mining capacity is needed to attack it. In a way we could say Monero is vulnerable to a "4-8% attack!" The best way to defend a coin from this scenario is for it to implement a unique PoW algorithm that is very ASIC-friendly so that GPU miners couldn't overpower it. Of course the same attack scenario would exist if there is a large pre-existing installed based of this ASIC, so the PoW algorithm must be unique. For example Bitcoin Cash could currently be attacked by 10% of Bitcoin miners as they are both mined by the same SHA-256 ASICs. The irony is that the misguided trend to try to be "ASIC-resistant" is actually worsening the value proposition of all these GPU-mined coins as it makes them more vulnerable to the very real possibility of 51% attacks...
-11 sentiment, mrb a year ago in reply to "Show HN: Cost of a 51% Attack on Popular Cryptocurrencies"
I think you should change the message displayed when there's no data. Being "unable to confirm" whether a Swedish citizen needs a visa to visit Norway comes off as worse than "have not yet added a source". Particularly so in this example: both countries are part of the Schengen area, i.e. it is obvious that no effort (and nothing wrong with that!) has yet been made to add this information, rather than having been unable to find a source.
-11 sentiment, nemetroid 6 years ago in reply to "Show HN: My side project Do I need a visa for...?"
I rage quit Firefox years ago because it's impossible to discuss it's critical perf issues without people pointing shifting blame to plugins. It got so bad I ran clean installs that never had a plugin ever, still had perf issues, and people on the internet simply refused Firefox could be at fault. I switched to Chrome and have never looked back. I also have never had a single issue with any AdBlock plugin in Chrome. Maybe they're doing something insanely stupid. I don't know. I use Chrome where it just works so I also don't care.
-11 sentiment, forrestthewoods 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Where Adblock+ injects 20K CSS rules, HTTPSB injects one"
Presumably if I don't want to receive spam emails I'm also unlikely to allow a website to send me notifications. I'm unlikely as well to install an extension for a very specific service I'm not going to use very often. Extensions are a privacy concern and consume memory needlessly. If I'm willing to give a fake registration email I probably don't care about privacy and this is just for throwaway anyway. I'm not going to give any personal info to a website I don't trust with my email in the first place. I also don't understand how this is not going to be blacklisted like any other anti-spam email service. Maybe I'm not the target for this product bu this seems to bring nothing new in a slightly more annoying way.
-10 sentiment, ajnin 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: NBox – Sign up anywhere without giving your email address"
The is a horrendously horrible idea, for the same reason why unicode domain names are a bad idea. Domain names are important because they provide a reasonable amount of trust. If I type, I'm 99.99999% certain that I've connected to Apple's website. This gets nasty with unicode, because a person can spam your email account and get you to click on a URL which looks very similar to something like, but really points to a malicious site (thank you cyrillic characters). Hash based domain names would be even worse. You have no idea what site is lurking behind some big string of hex digits. You could argue that a person should just compare the hash to some known set of hashes, but that's a. cumbersome and b. unrealistic. If it's done by humans, it's error prone (a malicious site could spoof the first few chars to point to their site), and if it's done by computers, what's the point? You've now effectively created a really shitty replacement for DNS.
-10 sentiment, Patrick_Devine 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Use any text as a domain name"
Not to be a jerk, but as a video guy, this promo video needs some work. 1. The Premiere Pro "Morph Cut" doesn't really work that well and can easily be spotted. See :38 for an example. Morph Cut Overview: [] 2. The tracking/compositing of the app on the phone screen is very crude. :59 3. The audio needs a lot of work. I'm on a laptop with no headphones, and I hear the bad ADR work. "Your stories" at 1:28 stands out the most.
-10 sentiment, switchstance 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: An audio only social network"
Reminds me a bit of the doom variant that would kill a random process for each enemy you killed.
-10 sentiment, anon4 4 years ago in reply to "Show HN: %%30%30: A Game"
I hate these things, maybe it's just me. Reasons: 1) I use a mouse with a scroll wheel and the default setting is to scroll three lines at once, and I use the scroll wheel a lot. None of the scrolling effects ever look good for me, and if it's a site which depends on the scroll effect to communicate (a few marketing sites have done this) then I don't get the message. 2) When I use keyboard shortcuts (which I do quite frequently buy I realise most users don't), I just hit page up and page down. I see none of the effects. To me, this is as bad as hover effects on tablets. I just can't see how it helps to improve user experience or accessibility. Sure, sometimes that isn't the desire but even in the case of those marketing sites I'm fairly sure the marketing men behind it would be appalled to find out some of their target audience was communicated to poorly. Though the worst thing is those same people on other sites then disable some key presses and default keyboard short-cuts to make sure there is no choice but to go through the bad UX to be communicated to. What worries me when I see these things so high up on HN is that I fear others think this stuff is good. Is that the case? Is it just me who prefers the idea of the client determining how to render something and not putting such stuff on the websites we create, or to put accessibility to all pretty high up?
-10 sentiment, buro9 7 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Scrollorama"
I use Backblaze now and once I get my NAS, I’ll probably end up using a B2 based backup. But let’s make an honest comparison. Backblaze does not replicate your data across data centers. The standard S3 storage class does (0.23/gb). The comparible storage class for S3 is one zone infrequent access (.01/gb). B2 still comes out ahead, but I wouldn’t use either one for primary storage. For thier suggested β€œ3-2-1” backup strategy, sure. Then again, just for backup, I could use S3 glacier for $.004/gb. That’s cheaper than B2 and I get multiple AZ storage. The data charges would be higher - but its backup. If catastrophe struck and I lost my primary and my local backups, getting my data fast is the last thing I would worry about.
-10 sentiment, scarface74 10 months ago in reply to "Show HN: B2blaze – A Backblaze B2 library for Python"
As someone who has never hosted an image service like this, what actions do you have to take to stop "bad" people from using your service? For example, uploading inappropriate / illegal / violent images.
-10 sentiment, mgottein 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Simple image resizing/optimization service"
pretty sure that if i put my job title, and years of XP there would be ZERO question as to WHO at my company was making that amount. hell, if i just put my job title... The thinking here is really shortsighted. It only works at companies where there are LOTS of people and lots of people with the same title. Not only would it make for uncomfortable conversations at work, it would likely get me in trouble with my employers. I can't believe you're actually putting the company names out for people to read when you have SO little data. there is NO practical level of anonymity here. Lot's of folks can (and probably will) get in trouble.
-10 sentiment, masukomi 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Honest Salary – Help make salaries fair and honest by sharing yours"
Heads up and/or warning: front page is littered with spam, swearing and some racist terms. Consider it NSFW (for now) if your workplace filters for those things.
-10 sentiment, petecooper 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Whosfiring"
This is neat but doesn't really work as an attack. The CSS selectors work on the value HtmlNode attribute rather than the Javascript "value" value, which aren't linked normally. The Instagram password field mentioned in the DOES work this way due to some custom javascript, for reasons that escape me. [edit] Other people pointed this out first. Also, if you are going to all the trouble of making an extension to inject your evil CSS into a page, why not go the whole hog and inject evil ecmascript instead?
-10 sentiment, AndrewStephens a year ago in reply to "Show HN: A CSS Keylogger"
Does it bother you that you are subsidizing defective genetics and thus making humanity less fit and thus increasing the average level of suffering? You might think you are being nice by decreasing the suffering of an individual, but you are also dooming consciousness to suffer being born into a defective host that otherwise would not have happened if not for your subsidization of defective genetics. I am curious as to what the higher than average enlightened readership of HN thinks on this? Of course it is very taboo to say what I did as the medical industrial complex is on the side of causing this problem as they are then guaranteed not just one more customer, but a new lineage of customers.
-10 sentiment, thuffy 7 years ago in reply to "Show HN - We just built a site that saves lives"
hey, stop it. i'm running 55.0b13 (64-bit) firefox on windows 10 and clicking on that demo froze the browser, froze my box - hard reboot. whatever you're doing some of it's wrong. bad wrong.
-9 sentiment, synt 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: TensorFire"
how are you going to avoid head hunters' spam, either as fake candidates to discover new clients or with fake offers for CV mining?
-9 sentiment, ilcavero 7 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Get a better job offer, anonymously - my weekend hack"
Sorry but, did you really had to use HH? I'm German and that only rings my right extremists alarm bells, because they use that for "Heil Hitler" (fuck them and him) for generations.
-9 sentiment, bebna 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Hackerhunt – categorised curation of Show HN submissions"
Popovers are the worst feature of the modern web. They're usually a very aggressive way of drawing attention to something I don't care about. Even when they're supposed to be a useful part of a web page interface, it's an obsolete modal dialog paradigm. Should I block popper.js via an ad blocking filter?
-9 sentiment, dreamlayers 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Popper.js, a 3KB library to manage tooltips and popovers"
I recently had an onsite tech screen at a FANG company that requires whiteboard programming. The problem itself wasn't hard but I missed a requirement that was actually a hint. I shutdown and couldn't move on or work through it. That said, I don't think whiteboard programming is always bad but it is a skill that I don't exercise and it showed. My advice, talk through the problem with the interviewer and don't start writing code on the whiteboard until the interviewer has ok'd your proposed solution.
-9 sentiment, yanslookup a year ago in reply to "Show HN: Whiteboardfree – Developer Jobs at Companies That Don't Whiteboard"
Cool idea, I used to play this when I was a child. I'm unable to download it right now, but my initial concerns are: - How do you stop people from cheating by singing the words, or otherwise just saying the name of the song? Or, depending on the scoring system, could you not just submit silence? - How do you deal with people screaming profanity or disturbing audio clips?
-9 sentiment, barbs a year ago in reply to "Show HN: Launched my first app where people hum songs for others to guess"
"Black text on a white background can be harsh on the eyes. Opting for a softer shade of black for body text makes the page more comfortable to read." No, it doesn't. The low contrast text is definitely harder to read in direct comparison with black. This is the point where I suspected that the page might be a parody of modern web design. Unfortunately it seems to be serious. The syntax highlighting is similarly awful and the grey background makes it even worse.
-9 sentiment, virtualized 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Web Design in 4 minutes"
I thought RSS had died a rather unfortunate and inconvenient death... am I wrong and it's still been kicking all this time?
-9 sentiment, dundercoder 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Early-stage Yahoo Pipes spiritual successor"
It is defaced now. Some troll logged in and started posting spam. I'm really not sure why this is on front page of HN? This is just random messages board without any verification. Anyone can sign in and post message anonymously saying: "company foo is firing". There is no way to know if 'foo' is actually firing.
-9 sentiment, ffjffsfr 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Whosfiring"
This is cute, but it is based on a flawed premise. There are not "prices" for medical procedures and even the providers don't know what they are going to charge. Anecdata: when my wife was pregnant I asked the hospital what are the basic charges for normal obstetric delivery, since we were paying out of pocket. I got a reply in writing that it was $20k, a suspiciously round number without itemization. The baby comes and there are no complications and no anesthetic and the attending physician never even showed up for some reason. So it was in every way the cheapest possible way to have a baby short of squatting over a blanket. Needless to say that this American hospital would not even have admitted us without a certified check in advance, so we had spotted them the $20k. Over the next six weeks I get literally dozens of bills. I get a bill from the attending obstetrician who wasn't even present. I get bills for anesthesia that wasn't administered. I get bills in total of over $31k. I was uninsured but I'm not some chump, so my attorney sent these people sternly worded letters and we held the line at $20k which I think anyone would agree is already a ridiculous price in the first place. Point is, nobody in this system has any idea what the price of anything is. There's no rate card. It's a collective emergent phenomenon that prints invoices. Nothing more.
-9 sentiment, thrownaway2424 5 years ago in reply to "Show HN: I mapped US medical prices. Save thousands by driving a few miles"
Do you have warnings on the tube to tell people that the toothpaste is toxic to children? 80 mg of caffeine at 90 "servings" per tube is 7200mg. The LD50 for caffeine is 150mg/kg, so each tube is enough to potentially kill two 20kb toddlers.
-9 sentiment, Johnny555 3 years ago in reply to "Show HN: I invented a caffeinated toothpaste"
Dude, remove the rape shit from the web site for a mobile app. Why you would think putting that stuff up there was a good idea is beyond me. I am guessing you put a lot of effort into that comic and feel bad discarding it, but just do it. Sunk cost.
-8 sentiment, fpig 2 years ago in reply to "Show HN: An audio only social network"
this shit is wayyy too fucking snapchat!
-8 sentiment, gailees 6 years ago in reply to "Show HN: Vinepeek - watch the world in realtime in 6 second snippets"